Are you located within a maximum 40-mile  drive of an existing veterinary partner (locations marked with an “+”)?

Please note: if you do not see a veterinary partner within the driving radius noted above, your application will be wait listed. Please DO NOT submit an application if we do not have a program in your community unless you have explicitly received a waiver from Pets for Patriots, since it detracts from our limited resources and from those individuals who live within our current service areas. 

The best way to stay informed about where we are expanding is to sign up for our e-newsletters; we’ll make quarterly announcements about new program areas. There is no guarantee that Pets for Patriots will be in your area at a future date. If you would like to request an exception to our geographic requirement, please contact us here, including the reason you are requesting an exception.

Please note: our partnership model is not conducive to rescues that adopt out over a wide geographic area. While you are welcome to complete this tour and apply, this will be a limiting factor in evaluating your candidacy to our program.