Selecting a member patriot special

Give a little to our service members and veterans

In return for Pets for Patriots’ support of our member shelters, we require a special adoption ‘gift’ to our member patriots when they choose to adopt with you. This must be in addition to what is normally included with your adoption fee.

Some ideas of popular specials:

  • Adoption fee discount of no less than 10%
  • Pet training or retraining; please be specific about number of sessions and/or training duration
  • ‘Day one’ essentials, such as food, a leash, a collar, etc.
  • Vouchers for free or discounted service with area groomers, pet sitters, boarders or other pet service providers
  • Other goods or services mutually agreed upon by you and us

Member Patriots will choose one of your offered goods or services, in the case where you have multiple offerings. It’s up to you if you permit member Patriots to choose more than one offering; we always encourage generosity.