Pets for Patriots gets many requests for information and services that are beyond the scope of our mission. We offer the following resources for your information and convenience.

Rehoming or adopting out a pet

We are not a shelter and are unable to accept donated animals under any circumstances. If you must rehome or otherwise adopt out a pet, please refer to this article.

Service animals

Pets for Patriots helps veterans adopt companion pets only. For those individual who both need and qualify for a service animal, please contact:

Additional information about service/assistance animals:

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are companion pets that are prescribed by a mental health professional to alleviate the symptoms of an individual’s disability. They are not trained service animals; however, they do have limited access rights in housing and on commercial aircraft.

Veterans with a letter from their treating mental health professional for an ESA may adopt through Pets for Patriots.

Financial help with veterinary bills

We often get requests for assistance with individuals’ veterinary bills when their dog or cat experiences either a medical emergency or requires extraordinary care, like surgery. Although we do not maintain a veterinary fund, there are excellent local and national resources available to qualifying pet owners. See this post for details.

Pet foster care for deploying military or veterans in hardship

In addition to providing support to military personnel who deploy, these organizations are available to assist in hardship cases, such as  homelessness, hospitalization or emergency, that render a veteran temporarily unable to care for his or her pet. Pets for Patriots is a proud supporting partner of these two national nonprofit organizations:

Moving and traveling with pets
Pet transport
  • Pilots N Paws: volunteer pilots who provide transport services for rescue animals and organizations.
  • P.E.T.S. (Peterson Express Transport Services): rescue transport in the Southeast servicing the New England area. All trucks are climate-controlled and equipped with USDA-approval travel crates.
  • Operation Roger: volunteer truckers who donate transport services for rescue animals.
Savings for military personnel and families