Military Service

Please read ALL of the following before you begin:

1. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY APPLIED TO PETS FOR PATRIOTS, DO NOT APPLY AGAIN. It will only slow down the process and creates an unnecessary burden on our small team. Contact us to reactivate your existing application on file.
2. NO ONE may apply on behalf of a service member of veteran, WITHOUT EXCEPTION: NO SPOUSES, PARENTS, SIBLINGS, CHILDREN, OTHER RELATIVES, GUARDIANS, HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS OR ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL. The qualifier/application is a legal agreement between Pets for Patriots and the applicant, and we only accept applications from current and former members of the United States military. IF YOU ARE A VETERAN OR SERVICE MEMBER AND NEED HELP COMPLETING THIS FORM, please contact us at 877-473-8223. Applications completed by anyone other than the rightful applicant will be invalidated.
3. If you have been convicted of a felony, any type of sexual crime or any offense against an animal you are ineligible to apply.
4. We do not honor adoptions retroactively. If you already adopted a pet, please do not apply. 
5. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU NEED/QUALIFY FOR A SERVICE ANIMAL; Pets for Patriots is for companion pet adoption only. See our resources page for other organizations that may be able to help you.
6. Please do not proceed to the application if you are not serious about following through with your documentation, and adopting a program eligible pet through one of our shelter/rescue partners. This allows us to focus our limited resources on those most interested to participate in our program. Thank you!

Are you a service or veteran member of the U.S. military with a minimum of 190 days of service, and have your current original orders or DD214/proof of honorable service? Time spent in basic training, active duty training or boot camp does not count towards this requirement.

Qualifying Progress

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