What it means to be a member Patriot

We believe in the transformative power of the everyday dog or cat. You might be surprised at how a wet nose, gentle paw or wagging tail changes you day – and your life – for the better.

At Pets for Patriots, we want to do our part to help member Patriots find, support and keep their honorably adopted pets. We do that in a few simple, yet special ways:

  • Adoption special: our shelter partners provide at least one additional benefit to you upon adoption, such as pet training/retraining, providing ‘day one’ essentials or adoption fee discounts.
  • Discounted pet care: Minimum, ongoing 10% discount from a Pets for Patriots veterinary partner near you.
  • Virtual Veterans’ Pet Food Bank program: $150 contribution via gift card to upon your eligible adoption. This one-time contribution is to help make the initial purchase of pet food, supplies and other essentials easier on your family budget and help make the overall costs of a companion pet more affordable. We will make special arrangements for veterans without access to the internet.
  • Members-only discounts: specialty pet item discounts from our sponsors, available only to veterans in our program.” Of course the greatest benefit is the unconditional love and friendship of your new best friend. Please note that Pets for Patriots will provide benefits for one eligible pet per approved applicant.
  • Pre-adoption outreach to see if you need help or have questions prior to pet adoption
  • Post-adoption follow up to make sure your honorable adoption is going well and to offer information or resources if you need help

Find out if you’re eligible for our program and about the proof of service we require. Still have questions? Read our FAQ.