Corridor Rescue

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Address/ Contact Info

10134 Hammerly Blvd. Box 187
Houston, Texas 77080


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Corridor Rescue
10134 Hammerly Blvd. Box 187 Houston, Texas

About Corridor Rescue

Corridor Rescue saves animals abandoned in the I/59 and York areas of Houston and will assist Pets for Patriots members in finding their new best friend. The organization describes its mission as one of ‘mercy, rescue and awareness’ to save lives and correct injustices to animals who have been thrown away, often injured, and left to starve or die. The area where these animals are abandoned is dubbed the “corridor of cruelty.”

All animals saved by Corridor Rescue are fostered until adoption, where they can feel safe and be rehabilitated, socialized and trained until they are placed in their forever homes. Corridor Rescue accepts monetary donations, as well as blankets, towels, wire crates and pet food; see their needs list for more details. For a more hands on experience, become one of their valued volunteers or pet fosters.

Adoption fees include:



Heartworm testing; treatment if needed

Feline Leukemia testing

Health check

Microchipping for permanent identification

Hours of Operation
Daily; no set hours of operation.